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Maria Juncal

Spanish flamenco dancer

Web design and development project for Maria Juncal, winner of the Antonio Gades National Award of Flamenco Dance and voted the best flamenco dancer at the Festival Del Cante De Las Minas.

The design uses "responsive" web design techniques to deliver a mobile layout version for users of modern mobile devices.

I also designed the logo, customized the wordepress theme and also designed and developed email newsletters for e-marketing campaigns.

Bueyes Perdidos

Argentinian rock band

I was commisioned by Bueyes Perdidos to produce a series of posters for their upcoming new tour.

Even though posters don't have the same reach as the web, there's something satisfying about having your work in print like that. It feels good!

I also designed the cd cover for their upcoming cd.

Creamos Recuerdos

Film and photo crew

I was hired by Creamos Recuerdos a small broadcast company to create their new website. I them customised their logo to create a strong visual impact. It was a brilliant project to work on and I'm really happy with the outcome.

Creart Project

Independent theatre company

I was asked by Creart Project to develop a particle system for the event "Living longer is imposible" for Matusalen rum. It was a brilliant project to work on and I'm really happy with the result.

Cuatro Sabores

Motion Graphics and video

I was asked by Spain based digital agency "Cuatro Sabores" to design their new identity and website. They are a small, friendly and forward thinking agency that specialise in motion graphics and realtime video. It was a great project to work with loads of room from creativity!

Caraban Show

Tv Show

In 2010 I was tasked to rebrand the bumpers for a tv show of a local educational broadcast company. I wanted to convey the personality and passion of the show but also showcase the architecture of the area where is located.



I was asked for the Argentinian director Eduardo Cachan to post produce his last shortfilm "Imaginundia".

Cara Vana

Rock Band

I was asked for the Spanish Band "CaraVana" to create a logo to use for the release o their new album. I also created the cover for the album.

Punto Magazine

Internet magazine

I was asked by Punto Magazine to design the ui for their new app. The guys at Punto magazine wanted a design that quickly communicated the benefits of using an app to read their magazine. They also needed an elegant design with a strong visual impact. The app is also responsive to adapt to diferent resolutions and orientations.